Construction Site Manager

Construction Site Manager allows developers and architects to track the progress on their construction sites, anytime and anywhere.

Construction Site Manager, known also as Construction Site Manager or WerfMonitor, is a solution developed by Asoreco NV. Construction Site Manager allows developers and architects to track the progress on their construction sites, anytime and anywhere.

It enables the stakeholders to observe what is happening, using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Local construction site managers can update the logbook and exchange files with the managers in the head office. Depending on their user rights, people can check live camera feeds & photos of one or more active construction sites.

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One day at a construction site in 60 seconds.

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Multi Site

Monitor all your construction sites real-time on one single page. Detailed information per site is only a click away!

Multi User

Define up to 50 different user profiles, each with their own access rights and restrictions. This way you can easily inform the public and all the stakeholders.

Go Back In Time

Browsing through your construction site's history has never been easier. By using our intuitive search you can look up past events with just a few clicks. Pictures are taken every 10 seconds (configurable) and are stored in the cloud so they can be accessed anytime anywhere for up to 1 year.

Live Streaming

Get access to the live stream of every camera on any site through one single portal. Construction Site Manager centralizes and unifies all access and control of your cameras. One simple interface makes it a breeze to view all your construction sites in real-time.

Time-lapse Movies

Our 'Yesterday in 1 minute' feature allows you to quickly review all progress done the previous day. The system also provides the opportunity to create stop-motion videos covering a longer period of time, perfect for visualizing the complete project from start to finish.

Communication & Sharing

Uploading time-lapse movies to youtube or sharing pictures on social media, with Construction Site Manager it can be done in an instant. Everything is readily available and accessible at all time. You'll never miss out on a picture again because someone forgot to bring his camera.


From our perspective as delegated developer for the 1,5 billion EUR "Scholen van Morgen" Public Private Partnership Program, the construction site monitor is a professional and effective tool, adding value in various ways:

  • In the long term, we collect a huge set of pictures and movies that can be used in communication initiatives.
  • In the short term, the scope and progress of our projects is exposed (with a short delay) to a wide set of professionals, such as technical advisors, and direct and indirect stakeholders, such as neighbors & (local) authorities.
  • In real time, it provides us and the contractor(s) with tools to proactively supervise and manage the construction site.

Having developed this application in a very fast and sustainable way, Asoreco is the driving force behind the tool, managing not just concept and development, but on-site deployment as well. The multi-site and multi-webcam setup—independent of local network availability—adds extra value to the tool. And don't forget the behind-the-scenes user management system with various user profiles.

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